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Display Solutions

Epson display solutions offer innovation with the greatest light intensity, compatibility, and adaptability. Whether you are looking for a high-performance display solution for personal use, collaboration solutions that can be used in various working environments all over the world, or whether you need an exceptional installation experience, Epson has a suitable solution for all users and markets. Interested? Gain a better understanding of the global market leader by enrolling on our Epson display training courses to drive the vision we all share.

Epson 3LCD Technology: A Comparison

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Training-ID: PTTSO_191

This advanced course teaches you about the advantages 3LCD technology offers over DLP technology. You will also learn why colour light output is a key quality criterion for assessing projectors.

Added on: Nov 13th 2013
Duration: 20 minutes
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Understanding Projector Specifications

Training-ID: PTVIO_1338

Epson offers a large range of projectors to suit customer needs. How confident are you when choosing a projector that it will be fit for purpose? When comparing projectors, are you able to distinguish what technical specifications are most important for your environment and desired use? If you are new to the projection world, you would like to review your knowledge on the basic projection concepts or you just want to discover what general features Epson projectors offer, this course is for you! In this course we will review basic projector concepts like brightness, contrast, resolution, optic characteristics, connectivity and Epson Easy MP features. The course is divided into individual modules, we recommend you to do one or two of them at a time. After completing these courses, you will be familiar with main specifics terms used in projector’s specifications, together with projector’s features and functions. We hope you enjoy the course!

Added on: Dec 19th 2012
Duration: 2,5 hour(s)
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