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Technologies & Solutions

Epson constantly develops new technologies and solutions for private and corporate use.
The videos presented herein offer detailed insights into the technical aspects that characterise our products.

Epson Intelligent Printers

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Training-ID: PTSDO_1574

In this short interactive training module you will find out how the retail market is changing and how new technology is creating new opportunities. Learn how to recognise these opportunities and how you can benefit by selling the TM-Intelligent printer range

Added on: Jul 3rd 2014
Duration: 20 minutes
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Document Capture Pro

Русский English
Training-ID: PTTSO_1382
Scanning documents into pre-defined workflows has never been easier. Get to know the amazing Epson Document Capture Pro and Document Capture Pro Server Solutions and get your document workflow done at the push of a button.
Added on: May 17th 2013
Duration: 15 minutes
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training@epson introduction training

Training-ID: PTOTO_1001
This training will help you getting familiar with training@epson – The eLearning platform from Epson. You will discover the different areas of training@epson and receive important information which helps you using the platform and its content.
Added on: Sep 15th 2011
Duration: 20 minutes
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Epson Easy Interactive Tools

Training-ID: PTTSO_371

The Easy Interactive Tools software gives you great flexibility in the creation of interactive presentations. A key benefit: no specific prior knowledge is required, as software operation is easy and intuitive.
This training course introduces the range of software functions.

Added on: Sep 14th 2010
Duration: 20 minutes
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